Philo & the SuperHolies VBS (VIRTUAL ONLY)

Philo & the SuperHolies VBS (VIRTUAL ONLY)

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(Age Appropriate for Elementary Aged-Kids (Pathways and Arches))

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Bridges to Orthodoxy partners with Mireille Mishriky, author of beloved Children's Book series, Philo & The SuperHolies, to create a 5-day Vacation Bible School (VBS).  The program contains 5 days of Large Group and Small Group sessions for Kindergarten through 5th Grade. 

**This package includes ONLY the VIRTUAL VBS Adaptation!  

Each day focuses on one or two SuperHolies (Fruits of the Spirit) using a daily Bible Passage and Orthodox Saint story to build on the concepts. The kids will start off all together in one Virtual classroom to watch a pre-recorded Large Group session, to include Philo's SuperChallenge of the day.  After, they will break out into their own age virtual breakout sessions where they will use what they learn to help Philo solve his SuperChallenge and learn how to activate the SuperHolies in their own lives.

This program includes pre-recorded sessions, and carefully crafted lesson plans for each age group with games adapted to a virtual classroom platform!  

NOTE:  While this VBS is based on the same characters as the book series, purchasing the books or even being familiar with the book series is not necessary.