4 (April) Follow Me, Part II

4 (April) Follow Me, Part II

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Part II of II of the Lent, Holy Week, and Easter Unit (this part includes 3 lessons plus a full week worth of resources and handouts for all the Holy Week services)

(Part of our Crossroads 7th-12th grade curriculum)

Suggested Calendar: April 5th (lesson 1), April 26th (lesson 2)

*** ALSO INCLUDED is a "Bonus" Lesson plan that you can opt to use for Easter Sunday (if needed), or save for a "rainy" day!

The Holy Week Resources are for April 12th through April 19th

Continuing on with the “Follow Me” series, Lent will be concluded with a special lesson on what to expect from Holy Week. During Holy Week (in lieu of Weeks 2 and 3 of April), this series provides valuable handouts and other resources to help our teens stay engaged during all the Holy Week services starting with Palm Sunday.  A bonus lesson is also included in case your church hosts an Easter party for your teens.  If not, save the bonus lesson and use it some other time during the year!

After Easter, this series provides one additional lesson for the end of April taking a closer look at St. Thomas. Nicknamed “Doubting Thomas,” but he clearly was a follower of Christ. So what does it mean to Follow Jesus when you have doubts?

By the end of part 2, the teens should be able to answer the question of whether they are truly a follower of Christ and what that means.