Holy Week at Home, as Told by Mary and Martha


While the New Year may symbolize the renewal of a calendar year, for many Christians, Easter seems to symbolize the renewal of their Christian faith.  We maintain our love of God year-round of course, but there is an inexplicable energy and revival that comes with Holy Week, the Paschal praises, and the Feast of the Resurrection. We spend every Sunday at church throughout the year, sure.  But undoubtedly, our day to day lives can make us complacent in our spirituality.  

Except for when Holy Week rounds the corner…  That is when we all take pause.  Our prayers are more intense.  Our understanding of His love is deeper.  Our time is intentional. For many Orthodox Christians in fact, time belongs to church and church only during that week.  In the Orthodox tradition, there are multiple lengthy services every day of the week leading up to Easter.  Though liturgy can seem long to some of us, we make exception for that week when we relish that extra time in the beauty of the church, letting the praises adorn our ears.  

Then this year happened.  

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Bridges to Orthodoxy will be uploading new units for the new school year after Holy Week, so check back for more easy-to-use, digital downloadable materials for your parish and your home!

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