Free Holy Week Resources



Holy Week is such an important and special time in the Orthodox Calendar.  It begins with Lazarus Saturday (this year April 16th) and concludes with Great and Holy Saturday (April 23rd) before we celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection (i.e., Easter) on Sunday, April 24th.  

This week, known as Pascha (the Passion Week) is filled with important commemorative events as we walk with Jesus in His final moments on Earth before His Sacrifice for us on the Cross and His Glorious resurrection conquering death by death.

Bridges to Orthodoxy developed these Holy Week Resources to help our Orthodox Youth stay engaged with as many of the Pascha Services as possible!

For our Older Elementary Kids / Younger Middle Schoolers, Bridges to Orthodoxy developed a fun "scavenger hunt" of sorts.  Each day of Pascha has important readings, prayers, and meaning.  Your child will be asked to listen out for specific things (such as a barren fig tree or an alabaster jar of oil) and write down when they heard it and what it means.  Feel free to Download it for Free HERE*.

For our older Middle Schoolers and Teens - this year they've been learning about how Jesus came into the World and "Flipped" the rules upside-down. Loving everyone, even enemies; caring about others' comforts above your own; and putting others first - those are just some of these "flipped" messages.  This year, the teens Holy Week Journal encourages them to find these "Flipped" messages all week long during Pascha.  Feel free to Download it for Free HERE*.  

*NOTE:  The Teens material is suited for pan-Orthodox traditions (including any Eastern or Oriental Orthodox tradition).  On the other hand, the Elementary materials were designed with the Coptic Pascha services in mind. 

BtO strives to make pan-Orthodox materials always - contact us if you are interested in joining our writing team so we can produce more great contact!