It's that time again! (Our Annual Resource Guide is HERE!)

It's that time of year again! Just like last summer, we've compiled a list of pan-Orthodox resources, some free, some not free - to help you find the right resources for your youth ministry effort. While we LOVE BtO, we always stress that curriculum is merely a tool - it is not "magic." Take the time to define your youth ministry effort and what tools you need. Don't use a hammer when you need a screwdriver for the job.


Before you pick a curriculum - take some time to precisely define what is your mission statement.  What is it that you want your youth ministry effort to accomplish? Remember that curriculum is just a resource - a tool, it is not "magic" and it certainly should never get in the way of common-sense ministry.  Read more about this on my prior blog post HERE.  If you need more help with a mission statement, check out my book HERE.


Of course, we think BtO is the BEST - but that doesn't mean it is the best for your parish.  Every individual church has different goals, different needs, different demographics.

BtO compiled a list of pan-Orthodox resources that exist out there - some are free, some are not - some are created by a particular Archdiocese, some by private entities, but all appropriate for connecting the youth to the Orthodox Church. If I personally tried the curriculum, I will try to add in my commentary, but largely these (other then BtO of course) are just resources I know exist.

We hope you find this blog post filled with information and links to valuable Orthodox resources helpful! If we left someone out - we promise it was unintentional! Please let us know about you so we can share your amazing resources next time!


Of course, we will start with BtO!  See the Current 2024-2025 School-Year Scope HERE

We also have a sample pack for you to take a look at sample lessons. The themes are appropriate for Sunday School lessons ranging from 30-60 minutes and can be adapted for 7th-12th grade. A series can also be adapted into a retreat or a fellowship meeting (such as GOYA or SOYO), and we also have a collection of retreat materials called "Difficult Conversations" on our site. There are numerous price / membership options to get bulk discounting. Feel free to contact us if you are at all worried about cost, and we can create, at a minimum, a trial period discount code for you! If you think this is a good fit for your parish, please don't let money be the reason you do not try Bridges to Orthodoxy!


Other Vendors, aside from BtO that are worth checking out:

(1) Faithtree Resources (Teens and Young Adults)

They have a pan-Orthodox mission and their "Relationship Project" series was very well received! Most of their series are made for teens or young adults, but definitely a great organization worth checking out for materials. HERE.

(2) 101 Lessons from the Bible.  (All Ages)

This is a brand-new program that is designed for Sunday School from preK all the way through adults to learn the Bible all together. It is a very cool concept and I'm excited to check out their program. With 101 lessons, this could potentially be the curriculum for multiple years!

Keep your eyes HERE for updates of when it will be available.

(3) Coptic Dad & Mom (PreK and Young Elementary)

This website is a gem. It has a lot of great resources for preschool-aged classes and perhaps younger elementary - such as "Our Heavenly Friends." Check them out HERE.

(4) Orthodox Journeys (K-12th Grade)

Looks like this vendor has Sunday school curriculum as well as home school resources - and a lot of different options to purchase a full year, individual units, activities, and so forth.  Check them out HERE.

HYBRID (Free and for-purchase)

(1) We the Copts (PreK and Elementary)

This website has some free and for-purchase resources to supplement your Sunday School lesson (not a curriculum per se - just some useful goodies on their site - worth checking out!)

Available HERE 


If Budget is a concern for your parish, here are some FREE Orthodox Resources.

(1) Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North America
Orthodox Youth Directors In North America

A general website with links to resources for all age-groups available HERE.

(2) Be the Bee (Teens)

Free Video Series with Discussion Questions. Done by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Best suited for teen ages and provides about 20ish minutes of content (a 5-10 minute video and some discussion questions thereafter). The videos are very well done and anyone who has used BtO for awhile knows that we occasionally will link to them in our lessons.

Check them out here.

 (3) The Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America  (All Ages)

Their website has some useful resources that are FREE and span various age groups.

- The Book of Genesis

- "Who Do You Say that I Am?" (About 15 lessons)

- And many other topics.

I cannot comment on my experience personally, but it seems like a valuable resource to check out if your parish's budget is a concern.

(4) Coptic Orthodox Southern Diocese (of America) (Elementary)

Called "Children of the Light," this on-line database is FREE and has materials for all of elementary. It is available HERE

(5) Dr. Pat's Free Sunday School Curriculum (All ages)

Although you will be required to create a subscription, the materials are FREE and for all ages (elementary, middle, and high)

Available HERE

(6) Grape & Vine Coptic Orthodox Education (Preschool - 10th grade)

This Coptic Orthodox Site I believe is part of a Church or Diocese in North Carolina ... it appears they add in new resources every year to include confession guides, volunteer training (i.e., "pre-servants" training), and also a free Sunday school curriculum.  I do not have any experience using their materials, but everything is open to the public and available HERE.

(7) YouTube channel with "Orthodox Chants and Prayers” for kids

A great supplement for any curriculum!  Available HERE

(8) Ancient Faith Kids YouTube


This has some hidden gem shows about Sacraments and Parables from a variety of producers (such as Orthodox Pebbles) - all of them are very well done.  Made mostly for preschool and elementary aged kids. Not a curriculum per se - more of a good supplement to a lesson plan. 

(There are similar YouTube channels by other Orthodox vendors I see popping up as well)

Whatever resources you use, it is always my philosophy that curriculum is a tool and not handcuffs.  Take the time to find the best tool for the job and I pray that your ministry will equip your volunteers for a great year!  

If we can offer any training, guidance, or other information - please reach out!  We would be honored to partnering with you!

Blessing and prayers for a great and fruitful year!


A 4-Week Unit on Trusting in God through a Biblical Study of Joseph in Genesis (Suggested Calendar: August 4-25)

We all have a desire to be important, for people to like us, and for our lives to matter. The truth is, though, when we put our trust in people, things, or even our own aspirations, we will be let down. 

Joseph lived a life where he fully put his trust in God no matter what happened to him.  Because of the trust Joseph placed in God, his life played out in a way no one could have imagined or planned. At the end of his story, Joseph tells his brothers:

"But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to  bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive."  Genesis 50:20.

When bad things happen, we hope our teens remember to place their trust in God - someone who will never let them down.

"Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever." 
Psalm 125:1.



A 5-Week Spiritual Growth Unit on Contentment (Suggested Calendar: September 1-29)

Who doesn’t like a good code-breaker, problem solving, combination-lock puzzle? Sometimes when we read about Biblical principles such as “joy,” “peace,” and “contentment” - the concepts seem like mysteries. Ideas that are far out of reach for the “regular” person. But what if “the secret” to contentment St. Paul spoke about while sitting in a prison cell in Rome wasn’t a secret after all? What if the mystery to maintaining joy in any and every situation did not require a code-breaker cipher?

In fact, the Bible teaches us happiness is fleeting, but contentment is a simple choice - a choice to love God and others no matter our circumstances. This month, we will unveil the “secret” of contentment by exploring its common thieves, such as: GREED, INSECURITY, COMPARING, CONTROL FREAKS, and FOMO. This month, we unlock the mystery behind this simple Biblical principle.

"I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."  Philippians 4:12b.


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