Purity, Dating, Marriage, and Sex: Things We Don’t Talk About With Our Teens, But Should

As someone who grew up in the Coptic Church, I can attest to the fact that the topic of dating was something addressed in my teen years, but sometimes in ways more helpful than others. Depending on who talked to you about these topics, you either got a great lesson rooted in Biblical truths, or you got a lesson filled with harsh warnings and threats about how dating will ruin your social reputation. Sex in particular, was typically danced around as a taboo subject and, frequently, avoided altogether.

We cannot deny that if we stay silent about the topics teens are naturally curious about, they will seek other outlets to get their information. If we do not step in, a teen’s teacher becomes TV shows, movies, music, social media, the internet, friends in school, and even friends in church. Everywhere a teen turns in our society, a misconstrued image of dating and sex can be found.

Left to the secular values in Western culture, the idea of sex and dating is painted in an attractive and enticing way, but a lie nonetheless.

This is where it becomes essential that the Church, partnered along with parents, step in and communicate with teens regarding these topics in a meaningful way. Our teens are struggling with these issues and are frequently tempted by them.

In addition to broaching the subject - it is also crucial that the message be delivered properly. Concepts such as purity and virginity are so wrapped up in a teens self-worth that even well-intentioned messages can cause harm if not fully thought through. That is why I was honored to contribute to the Dating and Purity Curriculum that Shereen put together with Bridges to Orthodoxy. The curriculum dives into all the important topics around purity with advice that is Biblically rooted. The workshops, videos, and illustrations included offer guidelines on how to facilitate conversations with parents and teens on topics such as the right time to date, creating appropriate boundaries with the opposite gender, God’s design for sex and marriage, pornography, modesty, and so much more.

This is a resource our teens so desperately need, and I wish I had growing up. It’s here now, and I highly recommended you get this for your parish or your family. Purity is a topic we must discuss openly and Biblically. This generation needs it, and the future of our church needs it. It is our duty, as church leaders and parents, to help them walk in the narrow path that will lead them to Christ and have a fruitful life here on earth.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Author Bio:  Lilyan Andrews is very passionate about educating teens and young adults about the importance of purity. To learn more about her and read more of her writing, please visit her blog: Lilies & Thorns.

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