(September) I Heard a Rumor: A 4-Week Unit on the Problem with Gossip

(September) I Heard a Rumor: A 4-Week Unit on the Problem with Gossip

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A 4-Week Unit On the Problem With Gossip

(Part of our Crossroads 7th-12th Grade Curriculum)

Suggested Calendar: September 5-26

Words have a unique power. In fact, we see in Genesis that God literally spoke the world into existence. Unfortunately, words not only have the power for good; they have the power to tear people down and destroy life. When used incorrectly, words can dehumanize and destroy. The problem with gossip or whispering behind someone’s back, whether it is true or false, is that it never amounts to anything good. Words also can never be taken back.

In this unit, we hope to encourage our teens to consider the responsibility of the language they use. It will even cover the use of words in the context of a seemingly innocent text or post on social media. Are they using their words to build others up and speak life, or are they using their words to destroy others? And why do we have this temptation to gossip? This month we hope to challenge all teens to consider: What worlds are we creating with our words?

“Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit.” Psalm 34:13