The Sacrament Olympics VBS

The Sacrament Olympics VBS

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(Age Appropriate for Elementary Aged-Kids (Pathways and Arches))

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By popular request, Bridges to Orthodoxy completely revamped the former "Sacrament Olympics" curriculum unit for older elementary and created a super-fun 5-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) for all elementary ages Kindergarten through Fifth grade!

The program contains 5 days of Large Group and Small Group sessions for K-5 covering the 7 Sacraments in a fun and engaging way for all kids.  The VBS has games, songs, videos, crafts, and more.

On the 5th day of the VBS this unique program creates a fun competition style "Sacrament Olympics" where the kids form teams of mixed ages to help each other complete the Sacrament Olympics and show us all how much they've learned about the Mysterious workings of the Holy Spirit.  

The program contains Certificates of Completion, Worksheets for all ages, Gym Games, Rich content, Colorful Slides, Printable JPGs, and more.

BtO believes in connecting with parents, so the program also includes a daily "PARENT RECAP" card to print and handout to parents at pickup to easily communicate what the kids learned each day of camp!

NOTE:  There is a "Coptic" and "Eastern Orthodox" version of the materials... in general the difference is minimal.

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